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Project Number: EE-WZM-1B96

DACS: The Distributed Audio Control System

A Major Qualifying Report submitted to the Faculty of the WORCESTER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science by Stephen Scott Richardson

Date: 25 July 1997 Approved Professor William R. Michalson, Advisor    


The Distributed Audio Control System (DACS) is a hybrid digital and analog system designed to automate common audio tasks such as audio mixing, digital audio cueing, and MIDI device control. The MQP explores the development of a powerful, expandible, and inexpensive system to perform these tasks. The implementation of two custom hardware components, firmware, and software bring the design to fruition, with near production quality.


  • Michael Andrews, for PCB proofing, ideas, and assistance with presentation.
  • J. Nelson Chadderdon, for LCD backlight inverters and rail of LM1972's.
  • Seann Ives, for selling me the HP logic analyzer.
  • Professor William Michalson, for advising the project.
  • Yeasah Pell, for loan of oscilloscope, laser printer use, random parts, loan of speakers for presentation.
  • Mark and Paula Richardson, for funding the project.
  • My suitemates, Yeasah and Dave, for putting up with the hardware lab in the living room and the testing/software lab in the bedroom.
  • All of my friends (Kim, Sarah, Steph, Mike, Yeasah, Todd, and everyone else that I forgot) for their support throughout this project.
  • WPI Lens and Lights, for the loan of a pair of EAW JF-60 speakers and tripods for the presentation.

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Steve Richardson 2000-07-06
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