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DACS: CDROM Service Provider Communications Header, cdaudio_comm.h
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CDROM Service Provider Communications Header, cdaudio_comm.h

This header file provides the structure used for communication with the CDROM service provider. It also provides command definitions. Any program using this service provider should include this header.
 * DACS : Distributed Audio Control System
 * CDROM audio server
 * The code, executables, documentation, firmware images, and all related
 * material of DACS are  
 * Copyright (C) 1997 Stephen S. Richardson - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


#define CD_TCP_PORT  4202
#define CD_TCP_BUFSIZE 256

#define CD_PRG_EXIT 255

#define CD_CLOSE    1
#define CD_OPEN     2

#define CD_PLAY     10
#define CD_CUE      11
#define CD_PAUSE    12
#define CD_RESUME   13
#define CD_STOP     14
#define CD_EJECT    15

struct cdtype {
  unsigned char disc;            /* which disc */
  unsigned char function;        /* cdrom function */
  unsigned char track;           /* track# to perform function on */
  unsigned char s_min;           /* seek minute */
  unsigned char s_sec;           /* seek second */
  unsigned char d_min;           /* duration minute */
  unsigned char d_sec;           /* duration second */

struct discinfo {
  unsigned short int tsec[100];


Steve Richardson 2000-07-06
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