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DACS: Pbus Driver Defines, pbusdefn.h
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Pbus Driver Defines, pbusdefn.h

The following header defines the locations of the Pbus controller and various Pbus addresses.
 * DACS : Distributed Audio Control System
 *         File: pbusdefn.h
 *       Author: Stephen S. Richardson
 * Date Created: 04.14.97
 *  Environment: ICC11 v4.0, 68HC11 target
 *        Build: library, not standalone
 * The code, executables, documentation, firmware images, and all related
 * material of DACS are  
 * Copyright (C) 1997 Stephen S. Richardson - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

#ifndef _pbusdefn
#define _pbusdefn

#define PBC_PA *(unsigned char *)(0xB580)  /* pBUS controller port A */
#define PBC_PB *(unsigned char *)(0xB581)  /* pBUS controller port B */
#define PBC_PC *(unsigned char *)(0xB582)  /* pBUS controller port C */
#define PBC_PX *(unsigned char *)(0xB583)  /* pBUS controller ctrl port */

#define PBC_IX 0x98   /* pBUS ctrl word: PA i / PB o / PC0-3 o / PC4-7 i */
#define PBC_OX 0x88   /* pBUS ctrl word: PA o / PB o / PC0-3 o / PC4-7 i */

#define PB_N_LATCH  (unsigned char) 0x01    /* bitmask for latch- line */
#define PB_N_CLOCK  (unsigned char) 0x02    /* bitmask for clock- line */
#define PB_N_RD_WR  (unsigned char) 0x80    /* bitmask for read-/write line */

 * pBUS device addresses 

#define PBADX_MIX0  0x10    /* audio mix module v1.0 addresses */
#define PBADX_MIX1  0x11
#define PBADX_MIX2  0x12
#define PBADX_MIX3  0x13    /* prototype hardware ends HERE */
#define PBADX_MIX4  0x14      
#define PBADX_MIX5  0x15
#define PBADX_MIX6  0x16
#define PBADX_MIX7  0x17
#define PBADX_MIX8  0x18
#define PBADX_MIX9  0x19
#define PBADX_MIX10 0x1A      
#define PBADX_MIX11 0x1B
#define PBADX_MIX12 0x1C
#define PBADX_MIX13 0x1D
#define PBADX_MIX14 0x1E
#define PBADX_MIX15 0x1F    /* these are spec'ed, included for completeness */

#define PBADX_INP0  0x08    /* audio input trim control v1.0 addresses */
#define PBADX_INP1  0x09
#define PBADX_INP2  0x0A
#define PBADX_INP3  0x0B

#define PBADX_BCOMB 0x30    /* bus combiner */


Steve Richardson 2000-07-06
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