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DACS: Microcontroller Module
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Microcontroller Module

For the prototype, a pre-made Motorola 8MHz MC68HC11 microcontroller board will act as the embedded controller for the mixer unit. This board contains an RS232 port, an RS485/RS422 port, an 8-input A/D converter, and an 8255-based peripherial I/O controller. In addition, it includes an I/O port, address decoding logic, and contrast adjustment for liquid crystal displays. Figure 26 shows this microcontroller board.

Figure 26: Axiom CMD-11A8 single-board computer, used in the mixer unit.

In a marketed model, a custom microcontroller board would be developed that includes only the necessary features. However, due to the time frame of this project, it makes sense to use a pre-manufactured microcontroller board. While it would certainly have been possible to develop a microcontroller board, the time spent debugging the inevitable problems would have significantly taken away from firmware and software development.

Steve Richardson 2000-07-06
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