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DACS: Alphanumeric and Graphics LCD Driver Defines, lcddefn.h
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Alphanumeric and Graphics LCD Driver Defines, lcddefn.h

The following header file defines ports and other important information for the alphanumeric and graphics LCDs present in the control board.
 * DACS : Distributed Audio Control System
 *         File: lcddefn.h
 *       Author: Stephen S. Richardson
 * Date Created: 04.14.97
 *  Environment: ICC11 v3.6, 68HC11 target
 *        Build: library, not standalone
 * The code, executables, documentation, firmware images, and all related
 * material of DACS are  
 * Copyright (C) 1997 Stephen S. Richardson - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

#ifndef _lcddefn
#define _lcddefn

#define GFXLCD_CMD   *(unsigned char *)(0xB591)
#define GFXLCD_DATA  *(unsigned char *)(0xB590)

#define GFXLCD_RDY   0x03

#define STDLCD_CMD    *(unsigned char *)(0xB5F0) /* cmd port of LCD (base) */
#define STDLCD_DATA   *(unsigned char *)(0xB5F1) /* data port of LCD (base) */
#define STDLCD_OFFSET  0x02      /* multiplier for multiple LCDs */

/* the Optrex 16x1 is pretty weird - you tell the HD44780 that it's a
 * two-line display.. the first 8 chars are in the normal place, while the
 * last 8 start at location 40..
#define OPTREX16x1   0
#define OPTREX16x1_INIT {0x3C,0x0C,0x06,0x01,-1}


Steve Richardson 2000-07-06
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