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DACS: Balanced Audio Output Module
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Balanced Audio Output Module

(Refer to the attached PSpice schematic, entitled balanced audio output schematic) The first simulation run was a transient response test. Plotting the input voltage (a sine wave in this case) against the pair of output voltages (the differential pair) shows that the circuit does, indeed, function as designed. Refer to the attached plot, entitled balanced audio output - transient. A frequency sweep from 10Hz to 30KHz was performed, to observe the frequency response of the circuit. Predictions said that it should be relatively flat in this range, and indeed this was shown. While some rolloff starting around 8-10KHz is shown, the rolloff is in thousandths of volts. PSpice's automatic zoom feature makes this rolloff look a lot worse than it actually is. The attached plot, entitled balanced output - freq response, shows the response. Lastly, a noise analysis (again, with the improper PSpice op-amp model) was run, to obtain data for later noise analysis.

Steve Richardson 2000-07-06
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