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DACS: Mixer Mid-Level Driver Header, mixer.h
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Mixer Mid-Level Driver Header, mixer.h

This is the header file for mixer.c. This contains a structure for setting mixer register values as well as function prototypes.
 * DACS : Distributed Audio Control System
 *         File: mixer.h
 *       Author: Stephen S. Richardson
 * Date Created: 04.21.97
 *  Environment: GNU C Compiler (GCC) v2.7.1, Linux i486 v2.0.28
 *        Build: make
 * The code, executables, documentation, firmware images, and all related
 * material of DACS are  
 * Copyright (C) 1997 Stephen S. Richardson - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

#ifndef _mixer
#define _mixer

#include "midi.h"

#define NUMCHIPREGS 128

struct mix_control {
  unsigned char chipreg[NUMCHIPREGS];    /* chip registers */
  unsigned char midictrl[128];           /* MIDI controller registers */

void controller_translate (struct mix_control *mc, int fd);
void mixer_reset (struct midi_stream *ms);


Steve Richardson 2000-07-06
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