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WPI Technical Theatre Handbook: Simulating Exteriors
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Simulating Exteriors

It is important to consider that, when attempting to reproduce day or night scenes, making a realistic representation of either with lighting instruments is near impossible. What needs to be done, rather, is to attempt to catch the essence of sunlight or moonlight. A bright shaft of light from an instrument can be used to supplement a wash to give the feeling of daylight. Generally, bright, warm colors are used in the wash to provide the essence of a bright day. Very light blue is often used to represent moonlight, with faint dark blue washes being used to supplement the scene. Star gobos can be projected to enhance the appearance of the night scene.

A rainy or overcast daytime scene is harder to produce, as there are few effects such as the beam of sunlight that can be used. In this case, cool colors are generally used, with a fairly even balance of light from all directions.

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