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WPI Technical Theatre Handbook: Introduction
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Costuming is an area of technical theatre that is perhaps second to only the set in terms of audience visibility. Many skills go in to designing and producing the clothing that cast members wear for a production. While many of these skills are largely artistic, there are several technical considerations that can be conveyed in written form.

Depending on the size of a production, there may be one or dozens of people working on costumes. The person in charge of coming up with the concepts and overall vision for the costumes is the costume designer. Several other people generally assist the costume designer in procuring and constructing costumes as envisioned in the design. In many small productions, the costume designer may end up doing a lot of the actual work involved with getting the costumes together for the cast.

In some cases, the job of the costume designer is finished once the costumes are complete. However, it is often the case that the costume designer and costume crew help out during the production to help people change costumes, fix any problems, etc. The division of responsibility differs greatly from theatre to theatre and production to production. Additionally, there are a great many differences between college theatre and professional theatre in this regard.

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