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WPI Technical Theatre Handbook: Chain & Rapid Links
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Chain & Rapid Links

Often times chain is used to rig various pieces of the set, lighting, or audio equipment. It is important to note that only welded-link steel chain should be used to bear loads. Many types of chain are available with unwelded links, but these should be avoided when rigging. To connect pieces of chain together, it is common to use what are called rapid links (or QuickLinks, which is a trade name). Rapid links look like a link of chain with a threaded segment. A nut can be unscrewed, providing an opening for chain to be inserted into the link. Once the chain has been inserted, the nut can be tightened, providing a link capable of bearing weight. Rapid links carry load capacity ratings stamped on them. These capacities, as well as those of the chain being used should always be taken into consideration.

Steve Richardson 2000-07-06

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