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WPI Technical Theatre Handbook: Acknowledgements
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This book would not have been possible if it were not for the help of several individuals and organizations. I can't thank these folks enough for the help they have given me:

  • Sarah Schlesinger - For proofreading and editing, much of the raw information for the costuming chapter, and lots of other random ideas and encouragement.

  • Jeremy Medicus - For providing copious amounts of reading and reference material on the subject of stage lighting.

  • Noah Weisleder - For providing set design information.

  • Yeasah Pell - For letting me abuse his poor laser printer.

  • My good friends - for helping me get through the term in one piece. Kim, Todd, Tom, the Dans... everyone that I mentioned above, and everyone else that I forgot.

  • Professor Susan Vick - For providing reference material on set design and construction, as well as providing encouragement when this book was merely a sketchy idea in my head.

  • Professor Dean O'Donnell - For willingness to advise the project, and interesting tidbits of information.

  • WPI Instructional Media Center - For use of digital camera.

  • WPI Lens and Lights - For loaning equipment manuals, pictures, books, equipment, etc.

  • WPI Masque - For loaning pictures of productions, and for being a great organization.

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Steve Richardson 2000-07-06

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