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Three main sources of information were used for the writing of this book. First, personal experience played a key role in the writing of some of the chapters. Secondly, WPI's own experts were consulted - those people who have spent countless hours working on productions. Lastly, many books, catalogs and other reference materials were read, to provide a greater sense of perspective for what is practiced outside of WPI.

Over the past several years, as I worked on several productions in various positions, I gained a certain appreciation for technical theatre as a whole. With this appreciation of the whole came a knowledge of a lot of the finer, more pedantic points of various areas of technical theatre. Constant involvement with productions proved over and over that there were a lot of things that people, unbeknownst to them, just didn't know. This brought about a desire to put together a compendium, a single source that could be consulted when issue arose. Filling this compendium with much of the knowledge, tips, and tricks I had learned over the years seemed quite a logical place to start.

Many extremely dedicated people are what make WPI theatre productions happen, and these people proved to be invaluable sources of information for this book. Several key people were chosen and interviewed. Each was asked to provide a general overview of what they thought their specific area of interest was all about. Specific issues that they thought the book should discuss were covered in these interviews. In addition, they were each asked to provide any tips, tricks, or humorous anecdotes relating to their specific areas of interest. This information was collected, read, and used as a sort of living reference guide for the writing of the book. It is this, combined with personal experience, that give the book it's tilt towards theatre at WPI.

When the writing of the book began, it was known that a balance between WPI specifics and the ``real world'' was desirable. To achieve this, a large amount of reference material was consulted. Books, catalogs, and World Wide Web sites were the major sources of information consulted to achieve this balance. Where differences between WPI theatre practices and those mentioned in books differered, it was so noted. This use of outside sources provided the perspective necessary to give the book a firm footing in both WPI and professional practices.

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Steve Richardson 2000-07-06

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