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King Henry V Audio Engineering: Speaker Layout
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Speaker Layout

The following shows the speaker layout used in the hall. It is not to scale, and thus should only be used for a rough understanding of the layout. The arrows shown on the right hand side of the diagram indicate speaker firing directions. The design is symmetrical, the firing directions for the speakers on the left hand side may be determined with this assumption.


The house design employed many different types of speakers. Full-range floor standing speakers made by Bose (model 701) functioned well as front-of-house speakers. Small and powerful Bose model 101 speakers flew from the truss from custom-made brackets. Bose model 6.2 speakers, medium-sized full-range drivers, functioned as rear-of-house reinforcement speakers. Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) model 800 speakers, immense bass reinforcement speakers, were also placed in the rear-of-house.

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