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King Henry V Audio Engineering: MIDI Channel Map
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MIDI Channel Map

The following is the MIDI channel mapping used to control the various effects units, sampler, etc.

revision 1.0  10-26-95   initial
revision 1.1  10-28-95   ambient DP/4 addition, moved SPX-90
revision 1.2  10-30-95   work of rev 1.1 removed (no extra DP/4 available)
                         use DSP256XL as ambient effects processor?
revision 1.3  11-02-95   using DP/4 as ambient processor, will use DSP256XL
                         and SPX-90 for 'live' effects.  Channel
                         designations adjusted accordingly
revision 1.4  11-20-95   DP/4 blew up during show, SPX-90 was used for
                         ambient effects

channel    device                                      data type

 1         Yamaha TX16W sampler                        note on/note off

 14        Ensoniq DP/4 (deceased)                     n/a

 15        Yamaha SPX-90 effects unit (ambient)        program changes

 16        Digitech DSP256XL effects unit              program changes

Steve Richardson 2000-07-09
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