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King Henry V Audio Engineering: Input Channel Map
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Input Channel Map

The following is the mapping and description of the audio input channels into the sound board.

revision 1.0  10-26-95   initial, for Mackie 32 channel 8bus board
revision 1.1  10-28-95   addition of R.Rubenstein/T.Guyette ambient inputs
                         (from Mackie 1202 submix)
revision 1.2  11-02-95   removed Yamaha TX16W direct inputs, will route
                         through SMsurround
revision 1.3  11-20-95   fixed to reflect actual setup used:
                         changes to ambient out
                         removal of Tascam direct ins
                         addition of rack CD player
                         fixup of output channel numbers

channel    output select       pan       ESend1          input device
   #     1+2  3+4  7+8  L+R  (board)

   1      X                     L                        SMsurround out 1
   2      X                     R                        SMsurround out 2
   3                     X      L          U             SMsurround out 3
   4                     X      R          U             SMsurround out 4
   5           X                L                        SMsurround out 5
   6           X                R                        SMsurround out 6
   7                X           L                        SMsurround out 7
   8                X           R                        SMsurround out 8

   20                    X      L                        Yamaha SPX-90 L out
   21                    X      R                        Yamaha SPX-90 R out

   31     X    X    X    X      L                        Rack CD player out
   32     X    X    X    X      R                        Rack CD player out

Effect send 1 is to Digitech DSP-256XL.  Effect returns for send 1
are patched to rear channels (L+R).

Steve Richardson 2000-07-09
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