Entertainment Links

This is a big category, so there's lots of subdirectories. Why not just put them all in one big list? you may ask. Why am I being so completely anal about this? Well I just am, ok? In any case, here's the listings.
  1. Gaming Resources - Live gaming, role-playing games, board games, card games, dice games, logic puzzles, abstract games, crosswords, all sots of interesting things here, as I find them.
  2. Television Resources - Pages relating to specific television stations, or programming. Specific shows that have web pages may or may not be included here.
  3. Science Fiction Resources - This is a collection of pages related to science fiction of all kinds: Authors, Books, TV programs, Comics, Images, FanFic. Wonderfulness of various kinds.
  4. Comic Resources - Comics related web pages. Some are solely published on the Net, others are reflections of those published in more traditional media. Still other pages are just pages dedicated to comics, with no actual comics in them at all.
  5. Anime & Manga Resources - Technically could be covered as part of Science Fiction, Television, or Comic Resources, but is different enough from all three that I feel it appropriate to give these Japanese imports their own section.
  6. Music Resources - Web resources about music. Bands, song lyrics, discographies, all sorts of music related information.
  7. Celebrity Pages - They're not exactly musicians, or authors (which are covered on other pages), but they're still famous.
  8. Humor Resources - Web pages that have nothing more in common than that they are funny, intentionally or not.

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