Comic Resources

Comic collecting is a fairly recent addition to my hobbies. It started when my friend, Ben, started getting me interested in Anime, which led to manga, which led to comics. Go figure. This is a collection of some of the better web pages I've found. It's also heavily weighted towards the stuff that I like.
  1. AAA Aardvark Wraithspace
  2. Antarctic Press
  3. Argon Zark
  4. Comics 'n Stuff
  5. ComicsWorld
  6. Dark Horse Comics - Dark Horse Comics are the producers of such fine titles as The Maxx, Barb Wire, and The Mask, as well as the USA domestic distributors of quite a bit of manga.
  7. The Dysfunctional Family Circus
  8. Helen Sweetheart of the Internet
  9. Jonah Weiland's Comic Book Links - A complete collection of Comic Book Links on the Web. Some are sorted out by publisher name, but there's a really long list under "Independents" which is very neat.
  10. United Media - The Comic Strip - A collection of comic strips distributed by United Media. Includes Dilbert, Robotman, Rose is Rose, and lots of others.

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