Gaming Resources

I admit it. I'm a gamer. This page contains references to web pages and perhaps a few FTP areas, that hold information about gaming. Originally this was just going to be about role-playing games, but I think I'll broaden it out to cover all sorts of neat things.
  1. Source Material - While not technically gaming related. These pages provide excellent background material for running games. The emphasis is on RPGs, but anything that provides good gaming background will be listed.
  2. Role-Playing Game Companies
  3. Role-Playing Games
  4. Mornington Crescent Deluxe Edition - Mornington Crescent is an unusual game, first popularized on the British radio program I'm Sorry, I haven't a clue. A delightful game, and someday I'll truly understand how it is played.
  5. Games Domain - Information resources about all sorts of games, from MUDs to Mortal Kombat, RPGs to Real sports.
  6. Role-Playing Web Resources Guide - A collection of web pages, ftp sites, zines, and other miscellaneous RPG-related material.
  7. B.J. Zanzibar's World of Darkness - A collection of files that expand and/or improve the World of Darkness game systems (Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Wraith, and Changeling).
  8. Blacksburg Tactical Research Center - A gaming company in Virginia that specializes in "realistic" games. Originally founded by some gamers at Virginia Tech who wanted more "realism" in their games.
  9. The Babe Test - A silly page, where you are shown the faces of fifteen famous babes, and you must identify them. Changes every day.
  10. Purity Tests o' Plenty - All sorts of unusual tests, to test your various quotients.
  11. the d8 annex - a web site to complement d8 magazine, the magazine of roleplaying culture.
  12. The Secret Government Warehouse
  13. Happy Puppy's Game Page

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