Science Fiction Resources

This is a collection olf links to various science fiction resources. Publishers, authors, various programs and movies, other science fiction type things.


  1. Aaron Allston - Writer of science fiction, and gaming material. I first came across him when I picked up a copy of Doc Sidhe, which quickly became one of my favorites.
  2. Will Murray - Author of the most recent Destroy novels. The Destroyer series feature Remo Williams and his Korean Martial Arts master Chiun.
  3. Allen Steele - One of my absolute favorites. I haven't read anything he's written that I didn't like. Also, he's from Worcester, which makes him a home-town boy.
  4. Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc - Founded in 1965, it is an association of professional science fiction authors.

Specific Works

  1. The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
  2. Back to the Future...The Web Page
  3. The Banzai Institute for Biomedical Engineering and Strategic Information - A page dedicated to Buckaroo Banzai, the movie, the book, etc...
  4. Mark's Godzilla Page
  5. Virginia Tech Speculative Fiction Project


  1. Absolute Magnitude - The Magazine of Science Fiction Adventures.
  2. Baen Books - Publishers of science fiction and fantasy exclusively. I can't help but admire that.
  3. Little Green Men - a startup science fiction and fantasy magazine.
  4. Putnam Berkley Online
  5. Necronomicon Press
  6. SF Stores, Publishers, Magazines and Gaming Companies' Home Pages
  7. Science Fiction Weekly


  1. Fandom Domain - Links of Interest to Fandom. More complete in Science Fiction Resources than I could ever hope to be.
  2. Science Fiction Resource Guide
  3. World Science Fiction Convention - The WorldCon home pages. Includes pages for the next few worldcons, as well as pages for the next few bids.


  1. The Dominion - One of the best network web pages available on the Web. Lots of information, not only about their channel's programming, but about science fiction in general.
  2. Galactic Geographic Web Site - Karl Kofoed takes us on a tour through a possible future as chronicled by Galactic Geographic in the year 3097.
  3. The Magrathea/SFTV Page! - Listings of SFTV programs, the Arizona Fndom page, and other useful miscellany.
  4. The Particles of Star Trek - A comical look at all the wonderful pseudo-science to be found on various incarnations of the Star Trek television series.

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