Television Resources

These are web pages dedicated to subjects that come to us, primarily, through that idiot box that we call a television. Still, despite the rather unflattering name, there is some useful and.or entertaining programming to be seen.


  1. Prevue Guide - Ok, not technically the preview guide, but close enough for government work.
  2. A&E and the History Channel - Quality programming, including some classic detective shows from the 70s and 80s, British import mysteries, classic movies, some great documentaries, especially those related to real events of the past.
  3. The Discovery Channel and TLC: The Learning Channel - Heavier on non-fictional programming. Includes documentaries, science programs, James Burke programs (on TLC), lots of very interesting, and educational, programming.
  4. Bravo - Bravo! Bringing culture and enlightenment to the boob tube for quite a few years now.
  5. American Movie Classics - Owned by the same company as Bravo! however, they focus on old movies put out by that star factory "Hollywood". Their motto seems to be "If it's an old movie, it must be good."
  6. Comedy Central - The final amalgam of the original two comedy networks (Ha! and The Commedy Channel), oddly enough, the combination of the two seems to have forgotten entirely how to be funny. They still have occasional funny programming though, which they manage to squeeze between SNL marathons.
  7. Nick at Nite - Classic TV played through the night on the same network that runs children's programming during the day.
  8. The Dominion - The Sci Fi Channel's Web Site - Very good site. Has lots of information not only about their own programming, but about science fiction in general. Fun site.
  9. Turner Classic Movies - Don't know much about this channel, but my cable service is adding it at the beginning of April, so I'll check it out then.
  10. VH1 - Kinda like MTV for people with half a brain in their heads. The videos are older, but better, the supplementary shows are more intelligent, and in general, I like the channel a lot more than MTV.


  1. Babylon 5
  2. Cheez and then some
  3. Saturday Night is Something Else on USA
  4. The Gargoyles Homepage
  5. Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman - I've been a fan of this show since the first episode. I like it because of the portrayal of Superman who, in many ways, behaves as I would given those superpowers.
  6. Parker Lewis Can't Lose - Ran on Fox about the same time that the Ferris Bueller TV Show was running on NBC. Parker Lewis was infinitely superior, had a longer run, and was just in general very cool.
  7. Sliders - Sliders started out as a summer replacement show on the Fox network. Apparently it did well, since it has surfaced again as a midseason replacement for Strange Luck.
  8. Strange Luck - Speaking of Strange Luck, here is a web page dedicated to that show. It's rather unusual (the show, not the page), but I like it.

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