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SMSurround Summary: Whitepaper
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An Automated Cueing And Mixing System for Theatre Audio Designers

Stephen S. Richardson
WPI Student Box 1882

Michael J. Andrews
WPI Student Box 2915


SMSurround is a combination of both hardware and software used to both aid the theatre audio designer, and enhance the theatrical audio experience. The system in its current configuration allows entire shows to be pre-programmed in a special show language so that a show may be run by simply hitting a go button on a stage manager's cue. This is a vast improvement over previous methods employed in the theatre community at WPI, which were largely kludges involving using Windows software not entirely suited to the task at hand.

The full SMSurround system is extremely powerful. Software provides full control of CD audio, digital sound effects, and MIDI via the currently existing technologies of sound cards and CD-ROMs. Custom hardware that was developed for the project allows five stereo audio inputs to be routed to any of eight mono outputs at any volume levels. This mixer/matrix setup allows many special effects, such as rotating sounds, sounds that follow the action, automated fades and crossfades, etc.

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Steve Richardson 2000-07-09
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