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SMSurround Summary: Digital Sound Effects
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Digital Sound Effects

In addition to a CD-ROM drive, each workstation is equipped with a 16-bit digital audio soundcard. These soundcards are used for playback of short sound effects, such as thunder claps, voice-overs, toilet flushes, etc. Short shouldn't be taken too literally here, as full CD quality clips of any length will work fine, they just use up inordinate amounts of disk space.

Like the CD-ROMs, the current implementation uses two sound cards. This allows for the simultaneous playback of two stereo CD quality sound effects. Again, the software fully supports an unlimited number of cards (thus an unlimited number of simultaneous effects), but physical limitations are such that only one or two sound cards may be run per computer, so additional computing resources must increase as the number of simultaneous sound effects increase.

Steve Richardson 2000-07-09
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