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Hardware Features

  • MIDI in/out/thru - Quality metal panel-mount jacks for durability and easy replacement.
  • 1/4" unbalanced analog stereo in/out - Like the MIDI jacks, only high-quality panel-mount metal jacks are used.
  • Large backlit 240x64 graphic/text LCD - edit sequences and adjust parameters in complete darkness.
  • Eight assignable knobs - Control internal x0x parameters (volume, pan, modulation, resonant frequency, velocity) or external MIDI devices.
  • 27 key (2+ octave) piano-like keyboard for entering note patterns. The white keys double as drum pattern editing keys. 13 additional function keys control the editing functions of x0x.
  • 16 chasing LEDs - reminiscent of vintage drum machines. Makes drum pattern editing and visualization of beat location a snap.
  • 33MIPS Digital Signal Processor (DSP) - Innovative synthesis and effects algorithms. The DSP can be used for synthesis, drum sounds, or effects processing of the external inputs.

Firmware Features

  • Real-time editing - Edit any sequence or pattern while the sequencer is running. No need to stop/start.
  • Tracker-like interface - Edit notes precisely on the large screen - no need to quantize or record notes into the sequencer.
  • Drum pattern editor - Edit drum patterns in a grid on the large LCD, using the LEDs as an addition visualization tool. Variable accent levels for each beat. Adjustable MIDI channel and note number for each drum pattern track.
  • Flexible MIDI options - Sync to an external MIDI clock, generate a MIDI clock at any BPM (0-999), merge incoming MIDI clock with x0x MIDI output stream.
  • Rock-solid timing - The real-time editing features of x0x do not interfere with the sequencer timing - even when you're working at high tempos.
  • Upgradable Firmware - By connecting your x0x to your PC, you can download the latest firmware from the internet and program it in to your x0x.
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