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x0x is a hardware and firmware effort to provide some of the capabilities of the early Roland gear (e.g. 202, 303, 606, 707, 808, 909) in a modern form through the use of microcontrollers and digital signal processing. It is a collaborative effort between Steve Richardson (hardware & drivers) and Noah Vawter (firmware & DSP). Two prototypes have been built around an Analog Devices ADSP2181-EZKIT-LITE DSP evaluation board, an Axiom Manufacturing CMD-11 68HC11 single board computer, and a custom user interface PC board containing buttons, knobs, and interface circuitry. Both prototypes have been used in concert and recording situations with good results.

The driving philosophy behind the x0x project is to provide efficient and powerful editing capabilities while the sequencer is running. The x0x sequencer is a hybrid between a MOD-style editor, a pattern-based vintage drum machine such as the 606, and a vintage seq/synth like the 202. This combination makes it perfect for live electronic music.

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Duelin' x0xes - The two prototypes after resurrection.
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