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Engineering Projects: TR-6006 Glossy

TR-6006 LCD picture
40 x 2 electroluminescent backlit LCD displays the following information: Current instrument name (user-configurable), Current pattern (including accent levels), Instrument volume (or MUTED), Instrument MIDI channel, Instrument MIDI Note, Track shuffle value, Global MIDI playing/stopped/continue.
Rotary encoder with rubberized knob allows instant selection of current instrument under edit as well as adjustment of parameters such as MIDI channel and note number. TR-6006 picture
TR-6006 picture Sixteen tactile buttons with LEDs allow instant editing of patterns in a familiar way. The sixteen LEDs chase left-to-right as the pattern plays. Red/Green Bi-Color dual PWM-driven tempo LED indicates tempo and beat one of the pattern in a psychedelic fashion. MIDI in, out and thru jacks allow connection to a variety of samplers, sound modules, etc. A DB-9 RS-232 jack allows firmware updates as well as connection to mice and touch tablets for instant easy-to-use MIDI controllers.
Compact size (a bit bigger than a VHS cassette tape) means you can take it anywhere with ease. Unit is powered from a standard 9VDC wall wart. TR-6006 picture
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