HappyCart BSW2000

The 2K/4K/8K/12K/16K Bankswitching ROM Cartridge Emulator (aka RAMCart) for the Atari 2600 VCS

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HappyCart Software

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Software Features

Cartridge browser allows browsing through hundreds of cartridge titles. Titles may be sorted on any column (cartridge name, manufacturer, part number, VGR's rarity, VGR's graphics, VGR's playability, size, RAM enhancements, ROM name, documentation name).
Documentation browser displays documentation for a game when it is available. Along with text documentation, photographs of cartridge and box artwork are shown. This is as close as you can get to recreating some of the look and feel of having a physical cartridge collection when using an emulated system!
Toolbar allows quick download to HappyCart hardware or launching favorite emulator with the current ROM image.
Runs under Windows 95 and Windows 98. Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux and FreeBSD versions are under consideration.
Simple command-line DOS HappyCart downloader software is also available.
[Full-sized screen shot of HappyExplorer JPEG 201K]
Cartridge Browser Closeup
[HappyExplorer Software]
Paperclip icons are shown to the left of the cartridge title, indicating that documentation is available to be shown in the documentation browser. List may be sorted by any column heading simply by clicking on the button at the head of the column.

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HappyCart, HappyCart BSW2000, and HappyExplorer are Copyright © 1998-2000 Stephen S. Richardson and Michael J. Andrews (FLEX Cybernetics/Hackerware).