HappyCart BSW2000

The 2K/4K/8K/12K/16K Bankswitching ROM Cartridge Emulator (aka RAMCart) for the Atari 2600 VCS

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HappyCart BSW2000 Hardware Features

Flexible CPLD (Complex Programmable Logic Device) implementation allows functional changes to the hardware without removing or replacing any chips. VHDL, a hardware description language that is a little like C, is used to define the functions of the CPLDs.
Bank switching algorithms implemented entirely in CPLD, thus new methods may be added, and existing ones may be further refined if bugs are found.
70ns static RAM (SRAM) is used to temporarily store the game ROM image during the emulation process. This means new game developers don't have to "burn and learn" with real EPROMs to test on the Stella hardware.
Flexible input voltage range, combined with a wall wart, allows the HappyCart to be used anywhere in the world (with the proper wall wart adapter).
HappyCart connects to a PC with an EPP (Enhanced Parallel Port). USB (Universal Serial Bus) and standard RS232 serial versions are under consideration.
Power LEDs for both the HappyCart and the 2600 are provided.
PC board is designed to fit in to a modified Activision style 2600 cartridge. Modifications are fairly minimal, and can be done with a hobby drill (e.g. Dremel) in about 15 minutes.

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