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About :: Benj Lipchak :: Part III

I met Jessica through WPI theatre back in 1995.  She was in Henry V and I was something like the assistant to the assistant director.  I didn't really know her then.  She was just one of the new freshman theatre geeks. Six years passed.

When I suddenly found myself available in the spring of 2001, I wasn't really looking to jump right back into the fray.  I got email from Jessica asking if she could join the Plan-o-rama.  That was the beginning of the end of my short-lived single status.  A month later I would find myself in Ft. Lauderdale surprising Jessica on her vacation.

I took 4 months off in the summer of 2001 and did a lot of kayaking and camping and not working.  It agreed with me, but alas the money ran out and I had to start working again.  I started at ATI in October, and that's where I spend my days now.  I spend my nights and weekends at home in Boylston with Jessica.


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