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"I was a victim of a series of accidents, as are we all." -- Kurt Vonnegut

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danarchy:  Dan MartinsMon Jun 24 08:22:34 2024
Holy crap, The Plan-O-Rama is still working!
nason:  Benj LipchakSun Jul 3 12:04:34 2022
Atari is 50. And the Plan-o-rama has reached legal drinking age.
jer:  Jer JohnsonSat Apr 20 12:26:24 2019
                2019, yo!
drakmar:  Noah AbrahamsFri Oct 20 16:17:55 2017
A return to the world's slowest chat client...
lost:  Sue FossFri Sep 6 14:03:28 2013
I got nothing! Wow - finally able to log into gweep for the first time in 7 years... I had a fe
mikecap:  Mike CaprioFri Sep 16 16:31:17 2011
Mike Caprio's STARTUP-O-RAMA Blog

dawn:  Dawn M Varacchi-IvesSun Dec 12 19:28:47 2010
testing, testing. . .

is this thing on?

(hi drak!)
rbetts:  Ryan BettsMon Jun 22 15:43:34 2009
I am a fan of Benj Lipchak.
fear:  Tara HalwesFri Dec 26 11:05:25 2008
                          -=[  how to reach me  ]=-

best way to get me is now
firstnamelastname at gmail dot com

I check sidehack mail every few days but often in a skimming-only
capacity as this is where much of my mailing lists and spam go.

also, you can call me.

also, as of January 2009 I should be living a lot closer to a
bunch of you so you can come over and visit.  Weee.
vanguard:  Joe AmatoThu Nov 13 00:31:44 2008
This is the exact type of thinking I hoped would happen if the Republicans got trounced in the election. They need to reinvent. Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota seems to start to get it... "We cannot be a majority governing party when we essentially cannot compete in the Northeast, we are losing our ability to compete in Great Lakes states, we cannot compete on the West Coast, we are increasingly in danger of competing in the mid-Atlantic states, and the Democrats are now winning some of the western states," he said. "That is not a formula for being a majority governing party in this nation." "And similarly," he went on, "we cannot compete, and prevail, as a majority governing party if we have a significant deficit, as we do, with women, where we have a large deficit with Hispanics, where we have a large deficit with African-American voters, where we have a large deficit with people of modest incomes and modest financial circumstances. Those are not factors that make up a formula for success going forward." Mr. Pawlenty spoke of the two main lines of thought. "One perspective is, the Republicans lost their way," he said. "There will be calls, and voices across the country for Republicans to return to traditional conservative approaches in almost all respects." "A second viewpoint will be the country's changing a lot," he said. "The country is changing culturally, demographically, technologically, economically, and the like. And the Republican Party isn't changing in a way that reflects those major, or macro changes across the country." "And so there will be a call from these voices to quote unquote 'modernize' the party," he said. "The good news is both are true, and both can be harmonized in my view," he said. "We can be both conservative and we can be modern at the same time."
hansford:  Andrew HansfordWed Oct 29 01:21:08 2008
Spore Review

TED Spread
                                               a lifetime of temporary relief
goom:  Kim BelliTue Sep 16 00:19:28 2008
Apples.  Sausage.  Art.
Mark your calendar.
abate:  Seann M. IvesTue Aug 19 16:02:11 2008
in case anyone here doesn't read my lj but does happen to check this
from time to time, my last gig for the year anyway with the rockabilly
band The Knuckledusters is this Saturday (Aug 23rd) at Johnny D's in
Somerville (http://www.johnnyds.com/).  Come on down!
mouse:  Mick DarlingThu Mar 27 17:44:23 2008
Dawn, I like the bebe names.  How 'bout

Itsal Ives

It works better if you say it fast and cackle.

plans change
magnum:  tomSun Feb 3 23:57:18 2008

My hovercraft is full of eels.

jessicas:  Jessica Taura SandsFri Jan 11 20:28:30 2008
Damn...I should read the plan more often! Congrats Steve and Marybeth!!! I now know 3 people who got engaged in December! Craziness! Have fun wedding planning!
jmedicus:  Jeremy MedicusFri Nov 16 19:32:44 2007
The Cake is a lie!
louise:  Katie Horning PearsonTue Oct 16 03:22:13 2007
i just want to sleep! is that so wrong?

oh and since i should post it here for non-lj folks...
troll and i are expecting a baby girl around the end of february.

shadohrt:  Justin T. ColeMon Sep 10 16:44:56 2007
Not quite dead yet.
council:  Chad CouncilMon Oct 30 07:30:26 2006
No gweep access during the day.  Sad.  I've
setup forwarding of email though.

My weekend:  Tree vs. Powerline.

sarahl:  Sarah XavierWed Apr 13 15:35:16 2005
Countdown: 1.5 months until 19 years of school comes to an end....
dragon:  Chomper ParkWed Feb 16 19:11:13 2005
Anyone seen $10 million laying around... I think in another life I dropped it.
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