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About :: Benj Lipchak :: Part II

While at DEC a couple of my coworkers and I started an online game company, Specular Dreams.  This was my first start-up learning experience.  We spent the entire time coding, and only the rare moment thinking about how we'd generate revenue.  It's a shame, because SpecMines and SpecTillery were fun!

I met Mandie in 1994.  She was a year behind me in high school at WRHS. We lived together for quite a few years before getting married in August 1999. On the way to my bachelor's party, another ex-DEC friend of mine and I decided to do a start-up.  [Insert foreshadowing here.]  Mandie left me and headed for Portland, OR in the winter of early 2001.  She asked for a divorce and I gave her one.

Bulldozer Software is my start-up.  We have created an image search engine, Diggit!, which lets you search for images based not only on keywords, but also on their visual characteristics.  The dot-com crash and overall economic depression has kept us well under-capitalized despite our best efforts.
Update: Diggit! was taken offline in July, 2001, and now Bulldozer has dissolved.

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