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Network Appliance Modifications: IDE Activity LED
[IDE LED mod photo] [IDE LED mod photo] [IDE LED mod photo] [IDE LED mod photo]
This provides the familiar IDE disk activity light that you find on desktop PCs. You need only a high-brightness LED (any color you like), a resistor of approximately 220 ohms, some wire-wrap or similar wire, and some heat shrink tubing. There are many possible ways to implement this mod. Here are a couple of ideas:
  • disconnect one of the stock LEDs and rewire it for this purpose. Note that the LEDs are _not_ configured correctly in the stock unit to let you simply lift one side of the LED and add in a jumper wire. You must pull +5V from somewhere else (pins 41 and 42 of the IDE connector are +5V, as is pin 14 of U1).
  • rearrange one of the stock LEDs a little bit such that you can place a second LED adjacent to it. arrange them such that both LEDs still shine into the light pipe. this will still allow the software-controlled stock LEDs to work while providing hard disk activity indiciation as well. pick a different color for the LED that you add for that weird bi-color effect. This is how the mod is implemented in the photos above.
pin 39 of IDE -------|<|---------/\/\/\/----- +5V (from pin 14 of U1)

                 (K) LED (A)     220 ohm

A = Anode of LED (usually the longer lead)
K = Cathode of LED (usually the shorter lead)
Note that the exact value of the resistor will vary depending on the type of LED that you use.
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