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DACS Model 112 Digital Remote Control Surface

The 112 in the Tangent Productions studio. The 112 control surface is sitting next to the laptop, under the lamp. Closer to the foreground is the UnMouse, which is an absolute position touch pad for a PC. It has been adapted for use with the Model 112 as an X-Y MIDI controller. Yes, that's a TI Speak 'n Spell in the foreground.
The model 112 at the completion of the MQP, before the top surface was painted and many other changes were completed. In the front part of the chassis are the two 8-channel fader modules, for a total of 16 fader inputs. Each fader has two LEDs for status feedback. The original LCD is shown in the rear left of the unit. This was later swapped for a higher resolution display which can be seen in more recent photos. To the right of the LCD is the audio assignment module, which provides sixteen buttons with LEDs to assign audio inputs and outputs. The rightmost module in the chassis is the transport control module. It is intended to control tape decks, CD players, DAT decks, and digital audio. Start, stop, play, jog, and device select functions are provided.
This diagram is from the original design documents. It details the functions of each section of the control surface.
The original concept rendering. It is worthwhile noting how similar the final product was to the concept rendering.
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MQP Report with schematics, etc.
model 411 modular automated audio mixer
model 112 remote digital control surface
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