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Inside the AudioTron...

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This site describes the inner workings of the Turtle Beach network-based MP3 playback device, the AudioTron. Factual information is presented in non-emphasized text, while my nit-picky editorial content and speculations are presented in emphasized text.
I should state up-front that I think the AudioTron is, all around, a great product. What is most amazing to me about it is the responsiveness of the Voyetra/Turtle Beach team. While I have some complaints about the way some things on the product were designed or implemented, it is quite clear that the VTB team wants to satisfy their customers. This only makes sense, since word of mouth is great advertising among geeks (computer or audio). So, hats off to VTB for listening to folks for firmware change requests!
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Here is the AudioTron message board, and here are the mailing list archives.

Voyetra, Turtle Beach, AudioTron, and likely a whole bunch of other things are probably trademarks of their respective owners. I do not try to lay claim to any of them!

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