this first picture was taken in royalston. royalston had several waterfall sites, so i'm not sure which exactly this is but it's BEAUTIFUL :) can you see me?? *giggle*

this was taken in the white mountains, i think along "little haystack".. dan and i went up the "falling waters" trail.. it was beautiful but kind of treacherous.. we kept meeting people coming the other way and they ALL asked us, "you're going THIS way?!?!?!?".. that's when i got worried.. heh

again, this is along the "falling waters" trail... beautiful.. i stood under there :) i was constantly splashing about and getting water EVERYWHERE :)

and this is another section of the falling waters trail with dan :) yay! it really was beautiful tho.. and worth the 4+ hour climb to the top! wheeee!

finally! us, triumphant at the top of "little haystack"!!!

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