some fun halloween pictures : )

boring photos from christmas 98 .. heh

is this my REAL hair? or isn't it? you decide *grin*

and this is me and dan at the southwick zoo this past summer :)

this is me and dan at purgatory 2001 taken by liz! whoo!

doug took this picture of dan at a purgatory i think... it came out pretty decent :)

birthday '98 photos ... tho only two...

purgatory '99 photos ... again, only two *grin*

hmm.. should i? ok.. *evil grin* *POKEPOKEPOKE*

some pictures of waterfalls that dan and i went to this past summer :) really nice!! i love waterfalls

here are pictures from the cape and p-town this past summer and the summer before :) i also love the beach! wheee!

and finally, some pictures of friends and foliage this past autumn :)

well, i hope you enjoyed! since again, those will probably be the last updated photos for a good long while! (especially since i almost got towed when i was at jer's scanning away!)

another *POKE* hee hee!

a new addition!! BEN!