and here are some pictures from my life..

*pokepoke* still awake? *grin*

this is my friend shelley , she lives in florida.. here she is again with chris bruno ( i don't know who that is : )

this is vaughn and here he is without a beard : ) i don't think he likes this picture *giggle* you decide! :)

here are some of me and vaughn taken today!

zoner and me at the annual purgatory picnic.

can't you tell these two are twins ?

a few photos from maine when jer and i went several summers ago to visit his mum. nice view of the water, eh? it was taken at a rock beach called two lights. the second picture was taken at portland headlight.

and this last picture is bancroft tower in worcester. the view from the top is excellent!

ok, after much time, in addition to finally getting updated photos of me, i've also scanned in a million more pictures from my life :) ENJOY!