these first 2 pictures are of marcie and me in p-town :) we have been friends for a long time.. since freshman year of college! who would have thought when i moved into daniels, i would have made a friend for life? :)

lotta and jonas at the pilgrim monument in p-town... aren't they absolutely ADORABLE?? i love this photo!!

marcie took this photo so that's why she's not in it :P but this is where we parked in p-town.. from the left: dan, me, jonas, lotta

welcome to the house we stayed in at the cape!! here's all of us on the couch! yay timers? *grin*

here's me in p-town the summer before when dan and i just went.. you wouldn't even believe the trouble we had finding a place to stay! a lot of places didn't even notice us! *sigh* and i was really shocked when i got into p-town.. hehe i won't explain why but for those of you who know, yes i was shocked and no, i never knew *grin*

marcie on the beach! doesn't she look cute? :)

YUM! jonas feet!!!

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