.. some photos of my bunnies : ) they aren't babies anymore but they still look like babies to me : )

.. the grey one is bailey (male) and the white one is j.r. (female). they are both fixed, so no problems there.. : ) (told you i liked smilie faces!!!)

btw, j.r. is short for jennifer renee.. i named her after my friend jenni who picked her out! also, j.r. isn't an albino. she actually has pretty blue eyes that people always oohh and ahh over : )

update: the last 7 pics are new that jer took this xmas (thanks jer!)! they love cheerios!!! aren't they cute??? =)

newerupdate: somehow, all the old pics got deleted.. so all i have are the 7 that jer took! bleh maybe i'll add some more... some.....day....