SID Chip Info!

SID = the sound chip from the Commodore 64. This site has interviews with musicians who wrote music for Commodore 64 video games, and a SID simulator that runs under Linux, Windows, and others. The sound quality is terrific! Plus there are hundreds and hundreds of songs you can download on this site, too.

The SID Homepage

Write Sidtunes from a PC! Output them as .sid files! Super-Sweet! Uneeda copy of this!

Goat Tracker

a radio/web show of only C64 music! hear it:

Tuesday 8PM Pacific time

Tuesday 9PM -whatever- time

Tuesday 10PM -whatever- time

Tuesday 11PM Eastern time

C64 Radio Show

softsid. Kind of cool. kind of communist. but kind of cool.


The entire original manual from the C64 Programmer's Reference Guide, scanned in at good quality! Enjoy!

SID Programming Manual, Appendix O

Remember the sound chip in the Commodore 64? Well, these Swedish guys managed to build a synthesizer around it, with MIDI, some realtime controllers, and an arpeggiator. It comes in a box like a Roland x0x box, and it sounds really good, too.


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