Ensoniq ESQ-1, ESQ/M and SQ-80 Hacking

Some C code and data strucutures used for playing with PCB's (Program Control Block?) on the Ensoniq ESQ-1 and ESQ-M

Ensoniq PCB Code and Data Strucutres

A Project I started to make an ESQ simulator. If you are crazy enough and have the time (e.g. you are in a Mental Institution), or possibly just cool, you can continue the project...

Ensoniq ESQ Simulator

Expansions, descriptions of IC's, disassembler's, etc. This guy is the expert in the SQ-80 and ESQ-1

Rainer Buchty's HomePage

Rainer and I have discussed upgrading an ESQ-1/M to an SQ-80. This following link is a work in progress, but what the hey!

Upgrading an ESQ-1/M to an SQ-80