Roland SP-808 Chips Inside

One day, when Nate and I were installing a Zip Drive in an SP-808, we decided to snap some digital photos of the guts for later identification.

This appears to be the CPU. It's the biggest chip on there, and it's right in the middle. note that it's Roland made. What a huge company! Maybe it's a variant of another well-known CPU as some listmembers have noted?

This is just simply a Flash EEPROM. This is most likely where the OS is stored. You can find the data sheet on the web. It's specs are 8Mbit, or 1 Megabyte. Arranged as either 512Kx16, or 1024Kx8.

This is a DRAM chip. TMS418169. You can find the specs online. It's 1Mx16, or 2 MegaByte. Probably used as program memory.

Another speciality Roland chip. No idea what this one does!

Ah-ha! Borrowing an effect processor chip from it's own sub-company (Boss). We find the Boss R01231334. Very interesting! Wonder if this little doobie finds itself in any other Roland/Boss Hardware?

This chip, the Toshiba TC9271F, is listed as a "Modulation/Transmission IC for digital audio interface"

I couldn't find exact specs on this chip, although I found many chips similar to it. They were all SCSI adaptors. Perhaps this is the IDE adaptor for the Zip Drive? Or perhaps it's a SCSI adaptor for other options? The Edirol A6 perhaps???

Not sure what this one is. Probably a codec or filter IC for the codec.


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