About Noah

Where I am

I was born in CT, then I moved to MA for school, and remained "here" to work. I have black hair, not brown, thank you!!!

Whud I like

I like strawberries, ocean waves, ballroom and Latin dancing, suspenseful movies, photocopied collages, projecting trippy programs on walls, creeping around in the dark, swimming, changing my clothes multiple times in the day, pulling the covers over my head, barbecuing cheeseburgers and shish kebabs, picnics, tromping through the woods, telling ridiculous tall tales and pizza pizza pizza.

Whud I do

If you wonder what I do at my job, well here's my


I'm a diagnostic engineer. I go around breaking stuff. Did you ever see that commercial where the AT&T guy says, "I like to break things!" And then he shoots a lightning bolt out of a machine into a poor, helpless telephone? I got to do that at my job to a few modems. It was exciting to hear them go *SNAP!* as the electriciy exploded their little peabrains. There were no visible sparks, and nothing actually caught fire. It did smell a little bit odd.

Nifty things for your senses

Which reminds me, of all the good things there are out there to smell...Here are some of my favorites:

  • Cookies or brownies or potpies from the oven
  • Fresh cut, green grass in the summer
  • Ginger tea
  • Static electricity inside your sweater on a dry day.
  • Gasoline, reminds me of mowing the lawn. (see #2)

    These are my sister Adriane's preferred smells:

  • Rose petals
  • Asphalt in the summer when it rains
  • Bleach

    Cynt Girl's Suggestion:

  • "Out of the water after swimming forever, you grab your towel that's been on the beach in the sun and it smells warm and dry and nice :)"


  • The Body Shop vanilla oil
  • White Musk
  • skunk!
  • wood burning in Santa Barbara when it sinks to 40 degrees on winter nights (after it was 65 degrees +earlier in the day)
  • the orange blossoms in my yard
  • clary sage!!!

    Alexander (friend of Kathy Cross and now myself)

  • Very high on my personal list would be - besides the already mentioned concrete in the rain and freshly mawn lawn -
  • the smell of old books and of the the screen i used to hide behind while my parents were showing their slides on it, when i was small.
  • Oh, and of course the slightly rotten iodine smell of small seaside towns.

    Whud I look like

  • This is at volleyball and barbecue(at work) Pic 2

  • This is at a company party: Pic 1

    If you have anything else you like the smell of, e-mail me and if I like it, too, I'll add it. shifty@gweep.net