EZ-Kit Lite Experimenters' Gathering

This site was dedicated to using the 2181 EZ-Kit Lite to experiment with audio effects algorithms. Now, it's been expanded to cover using the EZ-Kit Lite with a Palm Pilot to form a Portable DSP System , called The Custom Synth. Last updated 2/11/2003.

Step-by-Step Instructions to build this stuff and have fun

0 Get the EZ-Kit Lite

  • You can order one from Analog Devices by calling (603) 578-5230. The price will be $89 until Jan 31st, 2002. Then it will go up to $245 (according to a list member in the know).

    1 Download and try out some of the simpler programs like FMadness , Click-O and Xpand .

  • They can make fun and useful sounds without MIDI or anything else.

    2 Get the flash memory .

    3 Download DFS for your PC (sorry DOS only for now, but source is included, so maybe someone can port to gnu/linux, etc) and Flasher for your EZ-Kit Lite.

    4 Modify your board using these instructions in order to use the flash chip in your EZ-Kit Lite.

    5 Install Newmon on your flash chip using DFS and Flasher.

    6 Install more effect / synth programs on your flash chip.

    5 Get Palm Pilot<->EZ-Kit Interface.

    6 Use DSPLoader to select flash programs.

    7 Use Palm programs like Tractor and Burrito to control them.


    0 Cool cases (New Rackmount Pix Added!)

    1 MIDI Interface (New pix added!)

    2 1/4" jacks (New pix)

    3 Control knobs (New instructions and pix added!)

    4 LCD Display (New instructions added!)

    * Other


    Here is the EZ-Kit Lite user's manual in PDF format, an on-line copy of the one that normally comes with the Kit. EZ-Kit Manual Pages 35 and 39-43 contain the pinouts and schematics for the EZ-Kit Lite !!!

    Where to Get Parts

    Tells you where to get all the parts you'll need for a portable DSP system.

    Basic Facts

    General Overview of the scope of this project, and capabilities of the EZ-Kit Lite.

    What is the Synthesizer of Death/Custom Synth?

    This page has fotos and demo sounds of the EZ-Kit Lite dev kit, as we configured it to be a DSP synthesizer and audio effect prozessor. It also has all the software (including source code in many cases) we have written and made available to everyone for FREE.

    Hand-held Music!

    (palm-pilot MIDI, tractor pull, hedgehog, meedy, burrito, askew +more)

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