Shifty's Big-Ol' Page of Connecting MIDI to Everything.

MIDI for the EZ-Kit Lite

by Noah Vawter

MAX232 spec from Maxim. Used for connecting RS232, e.g. Palm Pilots and more, to MIDI chip

EZ-Kit Lite directly to Palm Pilot

by Noah Vawter

MIDI Out -> Gameboy *

Run Pushpin 4-Voice Synthesizer Software!

by DSPerado

MIDI for the Handspring Visor!

by Richard H. Ooops! this link doesn't seem to work anymore :( (how about going to this other Rich H instead!!!) or maybe Dave F's comix

MIDI for the Palm Pilot!

zero IC output only by Tom Zerucha with documentation by Pete Moss

MIDI in/out for the Palm Pilot!

MIDI In and Out by Geoff Smith

Gameboy <-> RS-232

by Ken Kaarvik, apparently

MIDI for the TI DSP 56002 EVM Development Board

by Doug Repetto

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