2181 EZ-Kit Lite Effect Processor Template

Now I have added version 0.1, which is improved over the initial version. It now has three main DSP files. One for MIDI, one for initialization, and the third one, myeffect.dsp, is where you can write your effect algorithm without the distraction and clutter of the initialization routines. (User request!)

This zip file contains a template for writing your own original effect algorithm. it does the following:

  • takes care of codec initialization (stereo, 16-bit 44.1KHz).
  • includes a midi state machine so your software can easily handle MIDI controller changes. it also has hooks to handle note on/note off messages
  • it simplifies everything down to a single section of code, in which you fill in your DSP code.
  • it contains a MAKE.BAT file which assembles and links your code. (err, assumming you hve the tools installed :) )
  • it includes a CLEAN.BAT file which deletes old objects and other clutter
  • it includes a SIM.BAT file which starts up the simulator with your executable. (note: you must boot into pure DOS for this, no dos windows!)

    to use it, simply type MAKE and it will compile. The default input_samples routine will do nothing except echo the input back to the output. To make it more exciting and interesting, locate the section of code near the end that says in the comments "insert your code here." Then, do as it says. Nearby in the code, you will see a comment for MIDI controllers. Go ahead and add some of those, too!

    Note, you do not need an actual MIDI interface to use MIDI controllers in your software. You can go here and use this simple interface to send MIDI message *over rs-232* from your palm pilot to your ez-kit lite.

    The software:

  • Template.zip v0.2 the original with the initialization code broken out into a separate file, so you never even have to look at it.
  • Template.zip v0.1 the original template