EZ-Kit Lite Peripherals

Ah yes. My previously mentioned SID Expansion for the EZ-Kit Lite. The big block is a 16 MHz oscillator, and there is a TTL clock divider on board for the SID's clock. Also, the two 8-bit buffers are connected to the ez-kits external I/O bus. the 16-bits control the sid address and data lines.


Ah yes, my prized posessions. Two free samples of the MAX158. These are 8-Channel A/D converters. Minimal external components required. Considered ideal for connecting as many as 8 knobs to your DSP!!!

These are some of the chips you can use with the EZ-Kit Lite. At the top you see the ideal chip, the am29f010. This is a chip you can now get in australia, and not the U.S. (Ask on the ezkitdev list if you want one). In the middle is the sst-ee29e010 or similar. I have begun writing a new device driver for it since we can't get the 29f010's anymore, but it's going slow because I am very distracted and am quite content with my small pile of 29f010's. At the bottom is the one-time programmable ROM that (atmel 29c010?) comes with the ez-kit lite. IT IS ALWAYS USEFUL to keep this around, for those times when you are developing boot monitor code and you totally screw up your boot sector! :)

You can order new 2181 DSP's from Future-Active for only 21 bucks apiece. Well worth it to save your ez-kit's life!!! do this quickly...they probably won't be selling these chips forever!! now, I just need to find a shop that will solder these on for me! (p.s. dig those groovy rainbow artifacts)

a close-up of one of the replacement dsp chips.

EZ-Kit Quantity

fuzzy pictures taken early in the dawn

Where a lot of late-night experimenting and development takes place.

late night foto

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