Metal Rack-Mount EZ-Kit Lite Case

This is my prototype #2 rack-mount EZ-Kit Lite. The rack I got for 20 bucks at You-Do-It Electronics, but it's only three sides of the rack...I had to fashion a bottom and front panel out of sheet metal and then bend it with metal rulers and vise clamps. And then I bolted that onto the rest of the frame. The result is very mean. Notice the holes drilled in front for potentiomenters and LED's. 8 in total. Also, notice the PCB is a home-etched PCB that does MIDI<->RS232.

here is a scary old metal case which was fun at the time, but not very practical because me and brian kept blowing up ez-kit's with it! a tight-fitting metal case is a bad idea because the serial port voltages are much more extreme than the ez-kit's voltages and tend to blow it up. :(