Lucite EZ-Kit Lite Case

This is my prototype #1 of a rack-mount ez-kit lite. It was made in all-lucite! so it is 100% see-through! Unfortuantely, even Epoxy was not strong enough to hold it together(!), and I used too many cheesy ECO wires on it, so it fell apart slowly and is now asking to be re-built into a longer-lasting case. Some of the features of this case were 4 built-in knobs, using the MAX154 (the 4-channel version of hte MAX158). It also has 4 buttons, so you can load any program you want from the boot rom without using an ez-kit or anything.

These are the 1/4" jacks for audio input and output. Notice the cheap blue wires that kept breaking. Use thicker wires than 28 gauge, my friends!

Another nice feature of this kit: It has both MIDI and serial port connections! just switch the switch back and forth. THis is IDEAL for development of dsp can modify your code and test it rapidly, without removing any cables!

inside the lucite case, is a simple circuit board which I like a lot. It sports the MIDI<->RS-232 interface using the 6N138 and a TTL chip to boost the MIDI Thru. On the right, upside down, you see the MAX154 which is used for reading the 4 knbos on the front panel. Notice the absolute minimum of components used wit hthe MAX154. It is ONLY that capacitor!!! The MAX154 is atteched to the I/O Bus of the EZ-Kit Lite.

another view of the lucite case...