Music Programming

The MIDI Tuning specification! Give yourself all kinds of crazy scales and what not!

MIDI Tuning Spec

Perl scripts that manipulate MIDI files.


Like an operating system for algorithmic music. For Linux and win95. Comes with the source, uses MIDI interface.


Music Programming Links Archive

A collection of programming information that makes mine look pathetic. Check it out!

Handheld Music

PalmPilot = Music machine for 2000 and beyond. Get all the newest wares here.
  • Theremin for the Palm Pilot
  • Random patch generator software for synthesizers
  • Music editing software w/ MIDI ouput
  • A foray by soundventures of Crudites.

    How to use MIDI from a Java applet.


    MIDI File format! This is also the format the ASR-X uses to store its data! Ideas, Ideas...

    MIDI File Format

    Wave File Format! Very, very useful! With source code....

    I am currently writing perl code to manipulate wav files. If you would like to see the most recent results, check here.

    .wav File Format, Wave file format

    MIDI Protocol - - - Both the physical layer and the transport layer!

    MIDI Protocol

    The file format the Impulse Tracker uses to store its songs!

    By the way, you'll probably have to use save as then look at it under DOS to see all of those special characters.

    Impulse Tracker file format

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    Synthesizer Hacking


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