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Here's a rant for you:

The 'Web is way too full of glorified, "multimedia" .plans and way short on real content. I'm not kidding when I say that I stumbled upon a gif of a guy's couch. Please don't contribute to this nonsense.

One more thing. Due to the nature of Hypertext, every page is "currently under construction". Yet people still insist on putting in pretty little gifs of road work signs while at the same time failing to at least date stamp (let alone "what's new") their pages! As cute as the little guy with the shovel is, and as neatly as Netscape's Navigator fills in text around him, what's the point of saying what everyone already knows? Give it a rest and give me a date on your work.

For more ranting, please tune to ceej's rant on wiretap.

last updated: 12/11/98